The prevention of drug substances abuse among schoolchildren


The drug abuse is one of the most important medical and social problems of the youth. The problems with illegal and dangerous using of psychoactive drugs of different chemical categories by schoolchildren are caused by common social and psychological risk factors. Thus, in many research studies, all drugs and solvent substances are covered by general concept of “narcotic substances”.The study purpose is to develop an evidence database related to efficiency of common prevention measures and to development of sound recommendations of its management.The study included sociological survey of representative sampling of 445 schoolchildren aged from 14 to 17 years. The relationship between participation in preventive activities (factorial sign) and development of objective concepts about harm of drug abuse and possibilities of narcology (resulting sign) are studied using calculation of relative risk and its confidence interval.The study proves the positive effect of lecturing of specialists, psychological lessons and trainings, review of thematic video materials. The involvement of schoolchildren into development of agitation materials concerning healthy life-style and into reading of special literature is considered as effective in case of their implementation after target group received initial knowledge about problems of drug abuse and toxicomania. The study proved the negative effect of independent search of information about drugs in Internet, fabrication agitation materials about harm of drugs by adolescents, discussions based on opposite opinions and all forms of communication with patients with drug addiction. The necessity of widespread implementation of target advanced training of managers of preventive measures application.

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About the authors

V. I. Timoshilov

The Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education “The Kursk State Medical University” of Minzdrav of Russia


A. G. Lastovetckii

The Federal State Budget Institution “The Central Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics” of Minzdrav of Russia


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